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News: Seen and Heard


Nissan South Africa has signed up Ironman 4×4 as the official accessory supplier for the all-new Navara, which means prospective owners can fit a host of Ironman 4×4 accessories and still retain their full warranties.

Ironman 4×4 to kit New Navara

This is exciting news for new owners of the Navara, which launched officially in March. The range of accessories available covers the spectrum of overlanding gear, from the Commercial Deluxe bull bar, to the steel side steps and rails, a rear protection bumper, underbody plates, a Monster winch and a full suspension upgrade.

The Navara thus equipped absolutely looks the business, and will have added hugely to its off-road capability. For the full visual treat, see the ads in the Forum section at the front of this magazine – a first taste of what’s on offer.

Alu-Cab teams up with 4×4 MegaWorld

To keep pricing competitive, extend distribution and further improve quality, Alu-Cab and 4×4 MegaWorld have struck a deal. From now on, all Alu-Cab products can be bought from 4×4 MegaWorld directly. What this means for Alu-Cab is a wider distribution network and higher sales of their core products, hopefully bringing down cost to the consumer. Alu-Cab will be focusing less attention on big custom-builds that, although technically exciting, take up a lot of time and resources. Thanks to a larger distribution network, ALu-Cab customers will have easier access to accessories and canopy repairs. Buyers of Ford’s Ranger will also be happy to know that Alu-Cab canopies have been confirmed as a Fordapproved accessory.