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No Half Measures


Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton.

Situated between Durban and Port-Shepstone, the original dealership was known as Saunders Garage. Sometime in the mid ‘60s, the company changed its name to Halfway Service Station, and became a powerful dealer network focused on the 4×4 Industry.

Shortly after their doors opened, the new Halfway dealership took the plunge and invested in Toyota. At the time, the Japanese marque was still a relatively small brand in SA, so this was a risky move – but, as Toyota grew from strength to strength, the Halfway Toyota dealer expanded, too. Under the expert leadership of the owner, George Baikie, the Halfway Toyota dealer has now expanded across South Africa, and consists of eight Halfway Toyota dealerships. Customers can visit these branches at Widenham (Malanda), Howick, Scottburgh, Shelly Beach, Fourways, Honeydew, George and Ottery (Cape Town).

The 4×4 market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade; in some cases, 4x4s outsell passenger vehicles. Halfway Toyota has always been passionate about the 4×4 industry, and has continually embraced the growth of this sector. In fact, for the last 18 years, Halfway Toyota has independently developed their very own 4×4 training course, run by experienced off-road professionals.