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Ome Upgrade


Question by: Johan Palm Answer by: Dennis MaytomI own a Nissan Navara 4.0 and would like to upgrade the suspension. My personal experience with the OE suspension is that it’s too low for serious off-road work. I plan on overlanding with this bakkie to Namibia and Botswana but would like to have more confidence in the vehicle’s suspension system.
I’ve chatted to various people about possible suspension upgrades and many folk speak highly of Old Man Emu, but will this system improve the Navara’s off-road ability while retaining on-road driveability?
Johan Palm

The Old Man Emu suspension kit will raise your Navara by an estimated 30 mm at the front and 40 mm at the rear; this alone will improve your vehicle’s off-road abilities due to the increase in approach, break-over and departure angles.
What’s more, Old Man Emu suspension systems are designed to offer a smooth, firm ride off-road while increasing on-road comfort and control – so there’s no need to worry about the kit affecting your vehicle’s driveability. As an added bonus, you’ll get an increase in wheel travel, load carrying capacity and towing ability.
Dennis Maytom
4×4 MegaWorld Manager – Somerset West
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