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ONCA Show vehicle: Smittybilt Jeep


Words and images by Martin Pretorius

Off-roading is a wildly popular pastime in America, so it stands to reason that some of the nicest accessories for the Jeep Wrangler, that most American of four-wheel-drives, are designed and produced in the Land of the Free. Fortunately for local Jeep enthusiasts, their customising options have now been expanded, courtesy of Onca 4×4, with the local release of a wide array of highly regarded Smittybilt accessories for the current-generation (JK) Wrangler. We paid a visit to Onca 4×4’s fitment centre and factory in Bredell to give you a preview of the new arrivals.

Their show vehicle has been kitted out with an almost complete range of Smittybilt parts, to the value of almost R300 000, with very little left unaltered from the standard Wrangler Unlimited that they began with. Overkill, perhaps, but it gives a very good idea of what’s in the catalogue when it comes to building the ultimate JK. Let’s take a closer look…

Up front, you’ll notice the XRC Multi Optional Design (MOD) bumper in “Stinger” configuration. The MOD system allows the buyer a range of variations in front-bumper design. These are all built around the XRC platform (which comes standard with a reinforced winch cradle and dual towing anchors), and offers the possibility of adding mid- or full width end plates (or just keeping the centre section bare), with a selection of three bull bar designs for different applications. It all bolts together in a multitude of configurations, with the only limitation being the buyer’s imagination. Shiny billet-aluminium tow hooks, along with Onca’s replacement grille, round off the visage.