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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Pajero Won’t Idle


Question by: Manfred Mansfeld Answer by: Arnold VenterI’ve had problems with my Pajero 3.2 Di-D. At 800 metres above sea level I lose power and the vehicle doesn’t idle. It also consumes about 30 percent more diesel. My vehicle is still under maintenance contract and the local dealers are giving excellent service but are unable to find the fault.
My off-road experiences with the Pajero can only be described as brilliant even though I’m not the best of off-road drivers. The gentleman on kykNET must have been driving in 4×2 and needs to be given lessons. I have owned at least eight 4x4s, from Land Rover to Toyota – my latest 4×4 is the best, except for this small problem.
Manfred Mansfeld

This problem on the 4M41 3.2 Di-D isn’t that uncommon. There are four components relating to this specific problem. The first to be looked at is the electronic adjustment setting on the accelerator pedal. It must be at +/- 640 mV (must be checked on the vehicle by means of a diagnostic scan tool).
The second item to look at is the air temperature sender unit in the intake manifold.
The third item is the diesel pump. This a complete electronic unit and one can only eliminate this one as the culprit by trying a new unit or sending your one to us so we can check it out on our machines.
The last place to look is the electronic throttle shut-off unit below the battery box. Check the vacuum pipe on this unit carefully as it maybe split open. Take note exactly where these pipes are connected as they have to be fitted in certain positions only.
These vehicles can only be worked on with an authentic scan tool because everything on them is electronically controlled, and this requires a good level of know-how. I agree that these are really great vehicles, and after transplanting some 267 3.2 Di-D engines into Colt 2.8 TDIs, we’ve come to know them pretty well!
Arnold Venter
CRD (4×4 fitment & repairs)
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