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Pap Hilux 2.7i


Qusetion by: Riaan van Niekerk Answer by: Arnold VenterI own a ‘00 Hilux 2.7i but need more power to tow my stuff around. I had a Unichip installed and had the engine dyno’d a couple of times but still want a bit more oomph. I thought of importing an electric blower, but isn’t installing a bigger engine (Lexus etc.) a better option?
I just need a bit more power for the passes – I have to go down to second gear regularly! I was thinking of buying a 4.0-litre but I’ve heard stories of hectic fuel consumption.
Riaan van Niekerk

The 3RZ-FE motor was never designed to be a low-rev, high-torque engine. It has fair power and torque. If you start modifying it, the engine becomes more powerful, but only at the top rpm range and that’s not going to help with towing.
There’s an old saying: “The bigger the fire, the more fuel you need to put on”. So fit a Lexus 4.0-litre or buy a big V6-enginned vehicle and swallow the higher fuel bill – it’s unavoidable.
Arnold Venter
CRD (4×4 fitment & repairs)
(011) 907 0580

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