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Petrol To Diesel


Qusetion by: Christiaan Smuts Answer by: Adaptor and Conversation CentreI own a Datsun Safari 2.8 petrol which is exclusively used as a farm vehicle. The bakkie’s in great condition and has only done 80 000 km, but the petrol motor’s not ideal for farm work and I’d prefer a normally-aspirated diesel.
Would it be possible to swap the 2.8-litre petrol engine for a suitable diesel replacement, perhaps the 4.2 Patrol motor?
Christiaan Smuts

When converting a vehicle from petrol to diesel – or visa versa – there’s more to consider than just engine / gearbox adapting. Yes, modifications can be made to install the 4.2-litre Patrol engine within your Safari, however, if you do go this route your Safari’s diff ratios may be too high for a low-revving diesel, compromising open-road / highway travel. Of course, if you keep this vehicle farm-bound the diff ratios won’t be a problem as you’ll seldom drive the vehicle at high speed.
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