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ADDO Auto Boot, Floor & Utility Mats



When you embark on outdoor escapades, the ADDO line-up of boot, floor, and utility mats showcases a dedication to meticulous artisanship. Devoted outdoor enthusiasts built these mats with the purpose of catering exclusively to the distinct conditions encountered in Africa. These mats serve as your steadfast guardians, ensuring they protect your cherished vehicle.

Exceptional quality and odour-free comfort

Their artisans painstakingly fashion their mats from premium nitrile rubber, renowned for its nearly odourless formulation. You can bid farewell to the discomfort of noxious chemical odours permeating your vehicle because ADDO mats are the ideal choice for adults, children, and even your pets. Their unparalleled resistance extends to a wide range of chemicals, oils, and solvents, guaranteeing top-tier protection even in the most challenging scenarios.

Effortless cleaning and unmatched convenience

You can easily maintain ADDO’s nitrile rubber mats, especially when you find yourself amidst the great outdoors without access to traditional cleaning tools. You can easily remove these mats, shake them out, and promptly reinstall them. The innovative raised surface efficiently directs liquids away, while the integrated lip expertly contains accidental spills.

Assured safety wherever your adventures lead

You can embark on thrilling journeys to the beach, bush, or mountains, knowing that ADDO mats provide peace of mind. Their anti-slip texture ensures the safety of your cargo and furry companions. They meticulously designed these mats to endure the rigours of camping, safeguarding your car’s carpets from the inevitable accumulation of dirt, mud, and debris during outdoor expeditions.

Precision tailoring and secure installation

Their artisans precision-craft each ADDO mat to seamlessly fit your vehicle. For added assurance, their mats come equipped with OEM-compatible clips when required, ensuring a secure installation. Underneath it all, ADDO mats feature enhanced industrial-strength velcro to prevent any unwanted shifting.

Personalise your journey

For those seeking a touch of personalisation, their factory offers bespoke options, making ADDO mats ideal for corporate gifts or even those notoriously difficult-to-buy-for individuals on your gift list. With their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, choosing ADDO is always the right decision.

ADDO boot mats provide incredible protection to your vehicle’s upholstery and interior carpeting, specifically in the footwells and bin area where most dust, mud and dirt resonates. Remember, the focus is always on vehicle resale value.

Please use the contact form below to request a quotation for purchasing a set for your vehicle and remember to include your vehicle make, model and year for an accurate quote. Please also specify if you are looking for a load bin liner or footwell protector. Members of the ADDO team are standing by to assist you.

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