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BOOXE Floor Mats



Your SUV’s exterior is built for rough and tough 4X4 journeys yet its interior is styled for living in the lap of luxury. You enjoy a bit of both worlds, right? So, when it comes to bringing the outside dust and grime into your plush interior, it’s a no-no. That’s where BOOXE Boot Mats and Floor Mats come in. Tailor-made to fit the footwells of your vehicle perfectly, BOOXE polished rubber mats will protect its interior from damage, dirt, wear and tear, while complementing its luscious looks.

Exclusively made in SA for Toyota Fortuner, Prado, FJ Cruiser, Hilux, Ford Everest & Ranger

  1. Made-to-measure for the front and back passenger footwells
  2. Tough EPDM rubber composition secures a rigid core for strength and longevity
  3. Anti-slip, tactile upper-surface prevents you from slipping in or out of vehicle
  4. Robust rubber edging ensures durability
  5. Textured underside prevents movement over the surface beneath
  6. Pet-friendly non-slip top surface will withstand paw scratches
  7. Easy-to-clean, waterproof, oil-resistant, Dust-absorbent, Stain-proof
  8. Eco Friendly, 100% Recyclable, Non-Toxic
  9. Preserves the value of your vehicle by protecting the original footwell carpets
  10. Flexible and easy to lift
  11. Polished surface enhances the luxurious look of your vehicle’s interior
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