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Explorer Medibox 4×4 First Aid kit



This robust first aid kit is ideal for 4×4 enthusiasts, overlanders, extreme sport participants, tour operators and vehicle owners.

Medibox Container:

  • Made of 4mm thick durable ABS plastic
  • Tough & dust proof
  • Compartmentalised inner containers
  • Compact carry case (300 x 360 x 90mm)
  • Easy instructions for emergency situations
  • Supplies neatly organized

Every 4×4 should be equipped with this comprehensive medical aid kit. The Explorer 4×4 Medibox is perfect for travelers, 4×4 enthusiasts, 4×4 clubs and also for normal vehicles. This kit offers numerous treatment options for injuries that can happen when on an off-road trip, camping or overlanding. The Explorer 4×4 Medibox includes step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions in case of an emergency. It also contains all essentials for any general emergency injury or trauma situation.

Why choose the Medical and Health Care Explorer 4 x 4 MediBox?

The kit is unique because every group of products is compartmentalised, keeping all the components neatly together in an orderly fashion within the specific unit. In an emergency situation this helps the user to find exactly what is needed in the quickest possible time. The MediBox is easy to carry and has safety clips to ensure it stays tightly closed on off-road trips.

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