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Seat Saint – Model 2G for SUVs



If you cover the miles we do as motoring hacks, you will know that anything to make the journey more comfortable is a godsend. The reason for discomfort in our hips, back and backsides stems from the pressure points formed between the hip-bones and the seat.

The Seat Saint has a patented medical grade gel pad and claims to alleviate a lot of this discomfort. The reason is that its concave form takes pressure off the tailbone region, and extra cushioning is added under the thighs and bottom to better disperse sitting pressures. It also has a ventilation channel, allowing air circulation to keep things cool and dry.

When I was asked to test the Seat Saint, I certainly put it to the test. I first placed the cushion in my Renault Megane − where it was so darn comfortable that on getting home, I took it out of the car and used it on my office chair (which is of course another source of pain for tired old hacks). I also ride a small motorcycle and am looking forward to getting a smaller version for the bike.

The car seat (46cm long x 42cm wide x 4cm thick) has a padded tab at the rear of the seat. This fits between the seat and the backrest and holds things securely in place. It is simple to fit, and, with added grip from the two rubber strips under the Seat Saint, it does not move around under you. I really found the Seat Saint to be extremely comfortable and easily transferred from one vehicle to another.

I think it’s a great product. – Richard van Ryneveld R1300 (delivered)

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