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Tough Dog Suzuki Jimny GVM Suspension Upgrade



Improve your Jimny’s performance and capabilities with the Tough Dog Jimny GVM Suspension Upgrade – 3 Door Edition. Crafted with precision engineering and a commitment to safety, this upgrade unlocks the full potential of your 4WD, allowing you to push the boundaries of your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) while maintaining absolute compliance.

5 distinct benefits and features that give you every reason to choose the Tough Dog Jimny GVM Suspension Upgrade:

  1. Enhanced Payload Capacity: Revolutionise your Jimny’s carrying capabilities with the Tough Dog GVM Suspension Upgrade. Designed to handle heavier loads without compromising safety or roadworthiness, this upgrade empowers you to confidently tackle challenging terrains or transport more gear, enhancing versatility and capability.
  2. Rigorous Testing for Safety and Performance: Rest assured, each GVM kit undergoes meticulous testing to ensure uncompromised safety and performance. From Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing to evaluate axle load capacity to comprehensive brake testing under various load conditions, every aspect is rigorously examined to guarantee flawless stopping and handling, even under increased loads.
  3. Compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADR): Engineered to meet and exceed Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards, the Tough Dog GVM Suspension Upgrade ensures your vehicle remains roadworthy and legally compliant after the upgrade. From axle load capacity to brake performance, each aspect is carefully engineered to adhere to stringent regulations, providing peace of mind on every journey.
  4. Tailored Solutions for 3-Door Jimny Editions: Specifically tailored for 3-door Jimny editions, this suspension upgrade is optimised to suit the unique requirements of your vehicle. Whether you’re embarking on off-road adventures or hauling equipment, this upgrade will transform your driving experience, unlocking the full potential of your 4WD with ease.
  5. Expert Support and Comprehensive Pricing: With their expertise and guidance, you can explore the options available and choose the upgrade that best fits your needs and requirements. Additionally, download their comprehensive price list to evaluate the costs and make an informed decision.

Rest assured, each GVM kit undergoes rigorous testing, meticulously designed to meet and exceed Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards. Their commitment to safety and performance ensures your upgraded 4WD stops and handles flawlessly, even under increased loads.

Depending on the vehicle, the following testing is required:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing: Assessing axle load capacity to guarantee structural integrity.
  • Brake Testing: Comprehensive evaluations under varying load conditions, including partial system failure scenarios, to comply with ADR35/00 standards.
  • ESC Testing (if applicable): Ensuring that Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems respond as effectively as, or better than, the original vehicle configuration.

Are you ready to take your Jimny to the next level? Contact one of their experts today to learn more about how the Tough Dog GVM Suspension Upgrade can transform your driving experience. And don’t forget to download their comprehensive pricelist to explore your options further.

Click here to download their full pricelist.

For more information on these Tough Dog Jimny GVM Suspension Upgrades, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications, please use the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can call them on 064 525 2338.

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