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Rad Rig: Land Rover Defender TD5 130


Words by Andrew Middleton, images by Andrew Middleton and Freddie van Wyk

Women keep us chaps on the run; they’re not only behind all the disastrous ‘watch this!’ moments, but also the architects of our success… Meet Freddie, and hear his story of how a girlfriend’s complaint made him build a dream machine.

Though certainly not lacking a fine sense of humour, Freddie is perhaps a man who takes remarks very seriously. One day, Freddie’s girlfriend noted, as a passing comment, that his Landy had a cramped interior. She could never have guessed the extent to which Freddie would try to please her.

Three years down the line, and plenty of spilt oil, blood and Rands later, what we have here is a ‘club cab’ Defender. The project started off with a perfectly serviceable Defender 110 − a TD5 single cab pickup that was in daily use.

The problem arose when Freddie and his lady were on the long haul – travelling to somewhere bereft of civilisation. As any single-cab owner will attest, a little more interior space never goes amiss; and that gave Freddie the inspiration for this project – which is a one-of-a-kind, as far as we can tell.