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Ranger’s Bad Vibes


Question by: Arnold Els Answer by: Arnold VenterI own a ‘08 Ford Ranger TDCI with a vibrating problem on the front RHS of the vehicle. I have had the tyres and shocks replaced, the alignment has been checked several times and I’ve even had the wheels high-speed balanced, but the problem persists. The vibrations are only noticeable from about 50 km/h, but it gets worst at 110 km/h and can also be felt at 150 km/h. I’m aware that this is fast, dangerous driving but I need to sketch the scenario here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Arnold Els

You’re not alone, I have seen this problem on many new Rangers and BT50s; in fact, my own BT50 3.0 TDCI had the same problem. It’s often caused by the idler arm which either needs to be replaced or the bush that supports it needs to be knocked back into the housing.
Arnold Venter
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