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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Spluttering Colt


Question by: Arthur Manning Answer by: Arnold VenterI own an ‘00 Colt 2.8 TD. For some time now I’ve had a problem where the vehicle starts easily in the morning, but after running for a short while it splutters, spews out white smoke and then cuts outs. I then have to swing the engine for several seconds before it eventually fires to life again.
I’ve tried bleeding the lift pump, but from what I can tell there’s no air in the system. I’ve also had the injectors checked and the lift pump replaced. This vehicle is regularly serviced so all the filters are new. Please let me know what I should try next as I’m running out of ideas.
Arthur Manning

Once again, this sounds like a worn diesel pump. In previous responses we’ve mentioned the insufficient lubrication qualities of low-sulphur diesel, and why it’s a good idea to add a bottle of 2-stroke oil to every second full tank of diesel – this will aid injector and diesel pump lubrication.
My guess is that the standing pressure in the diesel pump is fine overnight, allowing the vehicle to start up first thing in the morning. After the initial start up the transfer pressure drops due to the pump drawing air into the system and further cavitating the pump’s internals. It’s only after continuously cranking the engine that the air bubbles are bled out of the system, allowing the vehicle to start.
However, before having the pump replaced / inspected I would first ensure that the glow system is in perfect working order.
Arnold Venter
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