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SVI kicks off with its first bullet-resistant Toyota Land Cruiser 300


SVI Engineering was formed in 2004 as an innovative mechanical engineering firm that specialises in armoured vehicles and products. With the high crime rate in South Africa, the company specialises in the individual, corporate, security, mining and governmental markets.

After a long and hard development process, SVI has officially completed its first Toyota Land Cruiser 300 armoured to level B6, which is the highest grade of civilian protection allowed with a special permit.

The armoured Land Cruiser 300 is officially ready for delivery and all new owners can now enjoy full protection against assault rifles ( including AK47, R5 and R1).

According to Nicol Louw, Business Development Manager at SVI, the J300 series Land Cruiser makes for the perfect VIP vehicle when fitted with the Bashewa-based firm’s comprehensive B6 bullet-resistant package.

“The armoured Land Cruiser 200 has proven to be one of the most popular civilian vehicles with SVI clients over the years. Since the new Land Cruiser 300 is both lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, it’s even better suited to receiving our painstakingly developed B6 solution,” explained Louw.

What about the bespoke B6 package?

SVI’s team of engineers took this opportunity to make a series of improvements to the company’s current first-rate Land Cruiser 200 armouring package, drawing on the results of a specially commissioned VPAM 7 test that helped identify potential weak points and eliminate ballistic gaps.

The lessons learned were then implemented on the latest Land Cruiser 300 package, also resulting in what SVI believes is a class-leading solution benefiting from the extensive use of custom-fabricated armoured steel plates, composite materials and 38 mm ballistic glass.

The 360-degree B6 armouring package for the Land Cruiser 300 includes a rear bulkhead sited behind the second row, saving on both cost and mass. However, in this case the bulkhead has been shifted towards the rear of the vehicle, freeing up space to store valuables behind the rear bench as well as giving occupants the option of reclining at a greater angle. Furthermore, SVI has added a clever escape hatch to the bulkhead.

In addition, the driver and front passenger windows can now lower slightly further, while all of the SUV’s driver assistance safety systems – including those relying on sensors mounted behind the windscreen – remain fully operational. Finally, in order to manage the additional mass of the comprehensive array of armouring components (which total around 750 kg), the body-on-frame SUV’s suspension has been suitably upgraded.

“Fitting our bespoke B6 armouring package to the Land Cruiser 300 – whether clients opt for the twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 petrol model or the 3.3-litre V6 turbodiesel version – results in the perfect bullet-resistant vehicle for high-profile individuals seeking the ultimate protection. With the next units already moving swiftly along our production line, the B6-armoured Land Cruiser 300 looks poised to become just as popular as its predecessor, if not more,” said Louw.

Cost, build and time

The 360-degree B6 armouring solution for the Land Cruiser 300 is priced from R981 823 (excluding VAT), while the list of options includes items such as B6 roof armour, B6 floor armour and heavy-duty runflat rings. The build time is set at four months.