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Towing Trailer Tyres


Question by: Andy Bentley Answer by: Johann ViljoenWhat should I do about my trailer’s tyre pressures when travelling in sand? Should I run normal road-going pressures or deflate the trailer’s tyres to match my 4×4? Ordinarily, I keep my Prado’s tyre pressure and my trailer’s tyre pressure the same (1.2 bar) when driving in sand, but much to my surprise I’ve heard several people say this isn’t the best approach.
On my last trip to Moz I towed a single-axle trailer with two quad bikes on top; most times I travel with my Echo 3 or Jurgens Exclusive. What’s your opinion on the matter?
Andy Bentley

I like your thinking. There’s nothing wrong with running low tyre pressures on your trailer. It’ll increase tread footprint, improve surface flotation and minimise drag on your 4×4. What’s more, a softer tyre acts as a preliminary shock absorber, lessening the movements of your suspension and the rebound of your trailer’s axle. I hope this puts your mind at ease.
Johann Viljoen
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