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Travel: Cape Town to Addis Ababa

Words & Images Schalk & Celeste Le Roux

After a year of planning, Cape Town couple Schalk & Celeste Le Roux loaded up their Hilux and put together a three-month trip of a lifetime through East Africa. This is their story…

What do you do when you hit 30, don’t have kids, and feel like a break from your job? You embark on a three month, 25 000-kilometre overland trip through southern and East Africa, obviously.

Revved up by the promise of adventure, and after a year of planning and prepping, the time had finally arrived.

We were relatively new to overlanding and 4x4ing, so we made some minor alterations to our steely-blue Hilux − hereafter referred to as Megatron. We weren’t keen on experiencing a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, so I installed new Camil suspension and a diesel water trap. My wife was not impressed when she realised that she could take only three pairs of pants and three shirts; we’re talking about a woman who could clothe the nation’s homeless population just with what she stuffs in an overnight bag.

So, we embarked on our life-changing round trip, hoping to learn more about the continent we call home. We set off from our house in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and ended in Northern Kenya, before beginning the long push home. In total, we traversed 10 countries in our trusty Megatron.



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