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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Triton Troubles


Question by: Versey Heydenrych Answer by: Arnold VenterI recently purchased an ‘09 Triton 3.2 DC. About two months ago I bought a 72-litre auxiliary tank from Front Runner, increasing the Triton’s fuel-carrying capacity to 147 litres. Unfortunately, the added fuel range has upset the vehicle’s onboard computer, which no longer accurately calculates the fuel consumption and estimated tank range. Is it possible to recalibrate this system for a 147-litre fuel tank?
On a separate note: I replaced the Triton’s front bumper with an aftermarket winch bar and also fitted larger AT tyres (265 / 70 / 16). After performing these two modifications the vehicle exhibits lots of body swing. Would fitting OME rectify this problem?
Versey Heydenrych

Sadly, nothing can be done to recalibrate your Triton’s trip computer. As for the suspension upgrade, yes, OME is a good solution. We’ve also previously installed Camil adjustable shocks into a Triton with excellent results.
Arnold Venter
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