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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

What Wheel Width?


Question by: John de Faria Answer by: Johann ViljoenI’m proud to announce that after purchasing an ‘00 Isuzu 280 DT I’ve officially joined the R50k club. I bought the vehicle with worn tyres but luckily I had a set of new Cooper STs (31 / 10.5 / 15) lying around. Unfortunately, the vehicle’s standard tyre size is 265 / 75 / 16, so I’ve borrowed a set 15” rims that are 10” wide.
Is it safe to use a 10.5” tyre on a 10” rim? And if so, can I deflate the tyres without the risk of de-beading them? Or should I buy a new set of 265 / 75 / 16 tyres or maybe a new set of 15 / 7 rims?
John de Faria

I’m amazed that the 31” tyres went on the 10” rims in the first place – the fitment centre must’ve battled with the installation. I’d rather use a 15 / 7 rim than a 15 / 8 as the 8” offset might prove too much for the Isuzu, possibly resulting in fender rubbing.
If I were you, I’d forgo the use of 16” rims as they won’t offer the same gain in sidewall height / profile and therefore the added advantage of a larger footprint when deflated. Good luck with your project!
Johann Viljoen
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