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Why Firestone?


For more than 80 years, Firestone Industrial Products Company, has been a global leader in manufacturing and marketing products for air suspensions, meeting the needs of some of the worlds largest automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers, suspension manufacturers, distributors and their customers. Firestone also provides air springs and related products to industrial manufacturing, agricultural, mining, and the air springs aftermarket. Their manufacturing plants and sales support are strategically located on four continents. Firestone created a revolution in the transportation industry when it introduced the Airide air spring in 1936. In 1938, the company patented the first pneumatic suspension device, the Firestone Airide™ air spring. As the automotive industry grew, Harvey Firestone recognized an opportunity to expand beyond tires. Through his close, personal relationship with Henry Ford, Firestone understood the challenges of navigating early American roads and invented and patented the air spring to create a more comfortable driving and riding experience by working closely with Firestone tires to better control vehicle movement. Since the 1930s, FSIP has expanded its solutions beyond just cars to commercial vehicles and continues to shape mobility through manufacturing world-class products and developing solutions to eliminate vibration in transportation.

Ever since the introduction of the Airide air spring, FSIP has dedicated its research and development to improve the technology of air springs and support customers in their changing needs. Comprehensive testing shows that Genuine Firestone air springs outperform the competition but being the best simply isn’t good enough for Firestone. That’s why we continually work to develop new products, with improved features, better materials and enhanced performance. Why Firestone air springs? The better question is why settle for anything less?


Quality products require industry-leading research, development, and collaboration. That’s why FSIP executes nearly 200 research projects annually, with R&D facilities in the United States and the Netherlands. As part of the Bridgestone family, they also regularly collaborate with their global R&D locations.

Their products are engineered to meet the strictest standards and customer specifications but also meet you at your point of need. If you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer you can count on their engineers to work alongside you to build custom solutions for your unique vehicle performance expectations. If you’re an everyday adventurer in search of air springs for your pickup, RV, caravan or trailer, Firestone Ride-Rite has durable solutions for you.


Buy, ride and haul with confidence, that’s a Firestone promise. Their rigorous testing, commercial grade materials and adherence to strict local and global standards are just a few of the reasons why commercial vehicle OEMS, automotive OEMs and everyday drivers around the world select Firestone as a suspension partner.

Firestone engineer and manufacture each product to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble-free service. Firestone Air Springs have a reputation for outlasting other original equipment, like shocks and bushings and reducing suspension fatigue and tyre wear. Their proven reliability is one of many reasons we work with the top vehicle manufacturers globally.

Air spring technology in engineering and testing

How do they do it? They apply the best technology and testing methods to achieve the best results. Excellence begins with the materials they use. Extensive material and component knowledge are the foundation of their vibration control technology. This excellence extends to product development and engineering with fit-for-purpose technology. Technical Centres in the US and Europe provide advanced research as they innovate air spring technology for the future. Innovations are perfected with the end user; the original equipment manufacturer and the future of transportation always top of mind.

Intelligent innovation for the future

Firestone’s newest technologies are helping to create the digital vehicle of tomorrow. Their innovation includes award-winning air damping technology for commercial trailers. Using air instead of hydraulics, innovative air damping technology delivers an integrated damping system that is a lighter-weight alternative to traditional damping modules.

Success in designing and manufacturing air springs to cushion vehicles across the globe has fuelled our growth from a single plant to one of the number one air spring manufacturers. Our products are proven to perform.

Tow, load and Haul with Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs for comfort, confidence and control

Install Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs on your light truck, motorhome, RV, SUV or van and haul with comfort, confidence and control. Ride-Rite products are made from the same material used by the biggest rigs on the road today. They’re downright durable. They’re also designed specifically for your vehicle, so you can haul, tow and live the way you want.

Air springs, also called air bags or air helper springs, offer many benefits. One, they help protect cargo by preventing unbalanced loads and bottoming out, while eliminating sag. Air springs also help improve your ride safety by enhancing steering control and braking, keeping headlights level and preserving tire tread. With Ride-Rite Air Springs, you can chase after new adventures with confidence.

Ride-Rite™ is their most popular and comprehensive air spring line for maximizing a vehicle’s load-carrying capacity and ride quality. Eight spring combinations help you get work done, no matter the load scenario. Coil-Rite™ Air Springs are equally as versatile and durable. Spring performance can be adjusted as easily as inflating a tire.

Where do I buy this from?

Contact the Air Spring Supply Company, they are a proudly South African family business which was established in 1983 representing world renowned companies such as Firestone. They are the FSIP approved agent and sole distributer for Southern Africa. They have been instrumental over the past thirty five years in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications.

They pride themselves on supplying well designed and easy install products. If you have a particular idea their knowledgeable team will help you bring it to fruition. Their aim is to continuously improve their service and respect all people and organisations they deal with. They have the perfect air suspension kit for most vehicles and needs.

Air Spring Supply Company (Johannesburg – 0113976390 / Durban – 0312052293)

To enquire on any of the products like the Firestone Ride-Rite or Firestone Coil-Rite mentioned in this article use the enquiry form below.

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