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BunduTop Rooftop Tent



Our tent is designed and built specifically for the overland market. It is made to be used daily, and designed to be convenient, ensuring that you get to pitch camp in the quickest time at the last possible minute. When you’re out on a game drive, you don’t need to head back to camp early to pitch camp.

It literally takes 20 seconds and your tent is pitched, with the bedding already inside.

The overlanding community is well aware that if it CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong, but the BunduTop is an excellent product and has proven itself again and again. Recently Kevin and Donna Krummeck drove from Dundee in South Africa to Dundee in Scotland (f:dundee2dundee) spending 106 nights straight in their BunduTop without complications. It has also proven to withstand very windy conditions, extreme weather and even the cold of the Polar regions.

Closed length/width/height (mm): 2 100 x 1 350 x 400
Interior sleeping space length/width (mm): 2 100 x 1 350 x 400 (since it’s made from aluminium, it doesn’t have a large profile, which leaves the interior spacious.
Open height of roof (mm): 1 070
Roof opening mechanism/type: Electrical – the BunduTop utilises a 2 000lbs winch motor to lift the roof. However, it closes with gravity, with the winch just rolling in the rope system to set it up for the next lifting
Material used in construction of shell: Aluminium
Type of canvas for tent: Riptech 300
Mattress thickness/type: 100mm, high-density foam
Ladder included (yes/no): Yes – 7kg
Foot/mounting type and material used: Hook onto ladder bracket mounted to tent and slides to desired height

Standard features:

• Solar wiring (making a later addition of a solar panel convenient)
• 100mm high-density mattress
• Interior light
• Car charge port inside
• Bags to stow away cellphone, keys etc.
• Ladder is also included

Optional features:

• Interior USB port inside (no bulky charger)
• 12V PC fan that is silent enough to not disturb your sleep, and powerful enough to ensure a constant flow of air
• Added room to cover your entrance in rainy weather, and can add a side panel to it to turn it into a privacy cubicle

Weight: 73kg
Warranty: BunduTec warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, and offers a limited two-year warranty on all tent components including aluminium base, aluminium extrusions, aluminium arms, ladder, canvas and seams

Price standard (incl. VAT): R38 900

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