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Quick Pitch MiniMax Roof Top Tent



Introducing the new Quick Pitch MiniMax Roof Top Tent – now sold with an additional protective fly sheet designed to improve your rooftop camping experience and ambient climate comfort.

The Minimax rooftop tent is a cleverly designed aluminium rooftop tent that can be mounted to most overlanding vehicles.

Owing to ingenious design, this rooftop tent also encompasses a unique slide out system which widens your rooftop sleeping area and increases the head or foot section of your sleeping area – boasting an impressive 80 Degree wide opening angle!

Unlike traditional clamshell rooftop tents that are limited to specific rooftop dimensions, the Quick pitch Minimax rooftop tent opens from the driver side of the vehicle and magically elongates along stainless steel sliders to unfold into a jaw dropping 1270mm wide X 2150mm long mattress, which is bigger than your standard three quarter bed size!

The mattress itself is manufactured to a 75mm thickness using high density foam, to ensure a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Traditionally most rooftop tents are limited to fixed widths because of the clamshell enclosing properties. However, with the advancement of this new slide out portion, larger couples or families can co-habitat easier because of the greater space made available due to the slide out outcrop area.

Now equipped with a protective flysheet designed to cover the entrance and side windows, this new flysheet also aids your climate comfortability, by providing an added protective later for rain run-off and sun. Meaning that you can keep cool or warm depending on the climate outside of your Rooftop tent.

This new innovative addition allows for seamless opening of the canvas and midge net area, providing you with unrestricted views and ventilation like never before.

Say goodbye to discomfort with the higher-quality Step Ladder featuring more comfortable steps and a sleek, modern appearance. Setting up camp is a breeze as this tent takes mere seconds to pitch, while its robust construction can support up to 40kg on the tent roof itself.

The Quick pitch minimax rooftop tent is manufactured using insulated sheet aluminium and is made available with 2 USB sockets and a 12v Hella connector, which can be powered by 12v electricity from the external Anderson Connector. It also boasts clever Red and white LED lights with a 1x LED goose light.

All of the rivets, sliders and hinges are stainless steel.

Mounting brackets are supplied, however fitment may be an additional cost.

Travel with ease knowing that ample space is available for bedding even in transit mode, thanks to the thoughtful design that prioritises functionality without compromising on style. The two-tone powder-coated finish exudes sophistication, making your setup the envy of any campsite.

For families on the move, the MiniMax’s smaller footprint allows for the attachment of two tents to a single vehicle, perfect for accommodating younger adventurers. Alternatively, opt for additional storage with the option to attach a Cargo Box when using only one tent.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the Quick Pitch MiniMax Roof Top Tent – where convenience meets luxury under the open sky.

There are 200+ fitment centres across southern africa.

For more information on the Quick Pitch MiniMax Roof Top tent, including online ordering, optional extras, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications, please use the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can call Quick Pitch SA on 079 2111 251 if easier.

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