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Cristys Compact Clamshell Rooftop Tent



Embark on your next overland adventure with ease and comfort with the Cristys Compact Clamshell Rooftop Tent! Designed for the modern explorer, this rooftop tent combines durability, functionality, and style to elevate your outdoor experience. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, embarking on a road trip, or simply seeking a new way to enjoy the great outdoors, the Cristys Compact Clamshell is your camping companion.

5 distinct benefits and features that give you every reason to choose the Cristys Compact Clamshell Rooftop Tent:

  1. Effortless Setup: The Cristys Compact Clamshell Rooftop Tent offers easy setup, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your adventure and less time setting up camp.
  2. Sturdy and Lightweight Design: With a weight of just 65kg and a sturdy construction, this tent provides a cosy and secure shelter without adding significant weight to your vehicle.
  3. Spacious Comfort: Featuring a 75mm high-density foam mattress and ample space, you can rest easy knowing you have a comfortable oasis waiting for you at the end of the day.
  4. All-Weather Protection: Designed to withstand the elements, Cristys Compact Clamshell is inherently waterproof with all seams protected under a durable fibreglass cover, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in any environment.
  5. Versatile Access and Utility: With entrance options through any of the three windows/doors, a sturdy aluminium ladder, a mosquito-proof design, and LED lights powered by your car battery, this tent offers unmatched convenience and functionality.

The Cristys Compact Clamshell Rooftop Tent is the solution for overland adventurers and 4×4 enthusiasts. Built to last and designed for comfort, this tent ensures you can venture off the beaten path with confidence. Its user-friendly design simplifies your setup, and its robust construction guarantees a secure shelter wherever your journey takes you.

With its compact size of 1.4m x 2.1m x 35cm and the ability to be fixed to any flat surface or load bars, Cristys Compact Clamshell is perfect for any 4×4 vehicle. Plus, it can be manufactured in various colours to match your style.

Product Features:

  • Weight: 65kg
  • Size: 1.4m x 2.1m x 35cm
  • Mattress: 75mm high-density Foam
  • Sturdy and lightweight aluminium ladder included
  • LED lights powered by car battery
  • Entrance through any of the three windows/doors
  • Fully mosquito proof
  • Designed to be inherently waterproof, with all the seams under the fibreglass cover
  • Can be fixed to any flat surface or load bars
  • Can be manufactured in various colours of your choice.

Price: R24 750 including VAT.*

*Prices are correct at the time of publishing and can be increased without prior notification at any time.

For more information on the Cristys Compact Clamshell Rooftop Tent, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications, please fill in the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements. Alternatively, you can contact them directly on 021 712 5020.

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