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Following on from last month’s article about the Spotted Hyaena (Crocuta crocuta), I thought I would deal this month with another amazing animal that has also been long misunderstood – the African wild dog (Lycaon pictus). “Wild dogs are nomadic animals and can traverse 50km in a single day. As a result, their territories may range anywhere from 400 to 1 500 square kilometres” A distant cousin of the wolf and domestic dog, the wild dog split from the ancestor of other canids two to three million years ago. The Painted Wolf – the other name by which the African

From the purple low-riders of Los Angeles to the blinged-out SUVs in rap videos, we’ve all seen the trend. Huge wheels are now an intrinsic part of motoring culture and modern car design. While giant rims with painted-on tyres may look great stuffed under a wheel arch, they have several drawbacks which are most obviously highlighted off-road. Take the new Land Rover Discovery, for example. Its standard fitment wheels range from 19- to 22-inch, a trend echoed on many premium four-wheel-drive SUVs. This makes a mockery of the 4×4 capability of these vehicles. From personal experience and simple common sense,

Congratulations to our tenth #SA4x4OverlandImages Instagram competition winner, Michelle Vooght. With this image of her Landy alongside the Orange River, she becomes our first email submission winner!   View this post on Instagram   Camping on the Orange River 🏞 – – – 📸 Michelle Vooght 📸 – – – Thanks for your #sa4x4overlandimages submission! 🙏 – – – #4×4 #overlanding #instagood #southafrica #namibia #LandRover #defender #africa A post shared by SA4x4 Mag (@sa4x4) on Feb 6, 2019 at 4:22am PST Check out some more of the month’s best entries below:   View this post on Instagram   Alone at

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching bush craft/survival techniques, is that it encompasses so many different skills sets. There are innumerable ways of starting a fire, we can use animals to find water, we can use nature to navigate, we have a host of ways to improvise shelters, and the bush is a veritable supermarket if we know how to identify the edible plants. And, of course, another skill we use is tracking. There is always something new to learn when it comes to tracking, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. I’m still learning after all these

Sociable and smart are not words that usually come to mind when Spotted Hyaenas (Crocuta crocuta) are mentioned. If anything, hyaenas are seen as sneaky and vicious, cringing scavengers that inspire a queasy mixture of fear and disdain. Yet, after spending 20 years studying them, Professor Kay Holekamp from Michigan State University came to view them as “smart, biologically and socially complex, jam-packed with surprises”. Having had the opportunity to observe a den first-hand, I, too, have become fascinated with these multifaceted predators and their unique biology and behaviour. First among their Pandora’s Box of surprises is that although they

There are pluses and minuses when it comes to dragging a trailer about on your overland adventures. Around any campfire, you will find both the big supporters of these houses on wheels, and those who prefer to keep things to just four wheels when it comes to the rough stuff. If you are considering taking the trailer plunge, there are a few regulations to consider, as well as some loading and towing tips that will make life both easier and safer. Benefits to towing The most obvious benefit to having a trailer is, of course, the masses of added packing

Congratulations to our eighth #SA4x4OverlandImages Instagram competition winner, Craig Muller!   View this post on Instagram   Snowventures #HPSAchasingAfrica #SnowHunting #ExploreYourBackyard #OutdoorCulture #seekadventure #adventurenthusiasts #roamtheplanet #neverstopexploring #lifeofadventure #LiveToInspire #GeneralTire #GrabberX3 #AnywhereIsPossible #ShareTheAdventure #ExtremeLights #LightUpYourAdventures #TeamHilux #ToyotaTrucks #Hilux #Toyota #YotaMafia #Snowventures #4×4 #actiongeared A post shared by Craig Muller (@backyard_adventures_sa) on Sep 11, 2018 at 4:27am PDT There’s not much we can say here. WOW! Craig wins himself a fantastic camping gear hamper from Ironman 4×4. We’re sure he’ll put it to good use on his next trip. Check out some of the other entries we received. Remember, all entries are

In a survival situation, there are many plants which can be used for medicinal purposes. The key is not only being able to correctly identify the plant, but knowing exactly how to extract those components which give it its medicinal properties. Fortunately, the methods which we use to prepare them can easily be carried out in the bush. Many modern drugs that we pick up from the pharmacist were originally derived from plants. In fact, hundreds of plants have been identified as having medicinal properties, and there could be thousands more; so, when it comes to medicinal properties, we are

Having been privileged enough to spend time with these majestic animals, I can certainly concur with Mitch Reardon’s view that there is indeed something extraordinary about elephants. “There is nothing that reduces us to our proper dimensions more rapidly and completely than spending long periods in the company of elephants. There is something special about them…” Mitch Reardon, Shaping Kruger It is difficult to pinpoint, but perhaps their clear family bonds, the way in which they look after their young and infirm, and the complexity of their communication may go some way to explaining it. Elephant behaviour is multi-faceted, comprising

In the manufacturing process, the tread compound is possibly the most variable, gets a lot of attention from the compound scientists, and is fine-tuned to the application of the product. Mud- and all-terrain tyres that deliver excellent traction, for example, cannot be expected to deliver the tread mileage of a tyre engineered to operate only on paved surfaces.  The tread is just one of the 7-11 compounds that make up a tyre, with each one applicable to a specific task − from holding together the various layers of nylon and polyester, to encasing the bead wires, or ensuring that the

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