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Anyone who has to load cargo vessels for a living will tell you that packing is a science with a bit of art thrown into the mix. When crossing oceans, you can’t have ships listing to one side or prows pointing to the stars. Same with the guys trying to fit the contents of large houses into the defined space of a furniture removal van. These guys are the true Tetris geniuses, because there’s hell to pay if priceless antiques are left behind, or the van falls over at the first roundabout. Loading up for an overlanding mission is much

The four circles of rubber connecting our vehicles to the road are one of the most critical components on any drive, on any terrain. Yet they are all too often overlooked, or simply taken for granted. In reality, you are only connected to the road surface by an area of rubber the size of an A4 piece of paper. Take away the tread, and that contact surface is reduced to not much more than an A5 piece of paper. Despite this small patch separating terra firma and disaster, all too often tyres are the one component (or four components) where

Guys like to be kitted. There’s even a sense that if you have more stuff than the folk in the campsite next-door, that you’re a better, more organised person. That smug sense will be wiped clean away when it comes to the reality of driving your 4×4 laden with all that clutter. Quite simply, an overloaded vehicle is a dangerous vehicle, not only in the handling department, but also because it is more prone to mechanical failure. Apart from the strain on the drivetrain, a vehicle that’s too heavily loaded at the rear will have overly light and unresponsive steering,

What basic equipment do I need in my vehicle when venturing off-road? This month, we provide a list of the essentials you will need to keep you moving when the going gets rough, and help get you out of trouble when you do get stuck. Spade A good old-fashioned garden spade to remove sand or mud from behind or in front of the wheels. Makes for a great griddle for that steak braai as well! ARB deflator (analog or digital) The only thing connecting you to terra firma is four pieces of rubber more or less the size of the

If lions are the ‘king of the jungle’, then leopards have got to be its ‘prince regent’! Powerful, athletic, graceful and stealthy, they are the epitome of an apex predator. Leopards are one of the most adaptable of all cats, having a wider distribution than any other large carnivore. The fact that it is the most common large predator found in southern African fossil deposits, which date back 1-1.8 million years ago, pays tribute to this adaptiveness. The word ‘leopard’ stems from the Greek words leōn (lion) and pardos (panther), and the ancient belief that it is a hybrid of

If there is one subject which sparks more heated debate than any other in the survival world, it is, “Should I drink my own urine in a survival situation?” Before I give my views on that question, let’s look at what urine is. Many people believe that urine is simply the body’s way of dumping excess water. While this may be true to some degree, it should be remembered that while 95% of urine is water (which is good for you), the remaining 5% is made up of not so good urea, uric acid, ammonia, hormones, dead blood cells, proteins,

What is wheelbase, and how does it affect your rig off-road? We take a look at the pros and cons of different vehicle lengths, and how to alter your driving approach to match.

Your number one concern is and always should be SAFETY – that of your passengers and all the other members in your group.

We use knots everyday for a multitude of purposes, and just about everyone knows the granny knot; it must be the most widely used knot throughout the world.

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