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There are pluses and minuses when it comes to dragging a trailer about on your overland adventures. Around any campfire, you will find both the big supporters of these houses on wheels, and those who prefer to keep things to just four wheels when it comes to the rough stuff. If you are considering taking the trailer plunge, there are a few regulations to consider, as well as some loading and towing tips that will make life both easier and safer. Benefits to towing The most obvious benefit to having a trailer is, of course, the masses of added packing

Congratulations to our eighth #SA4x4OverlandImages Instagram competition winner, Craig Muller!   View this post on Instagram   Snowventures #HPSAchasingAfrica #SnowHunting #ExploreYourBackyard #OutdoorCulture #seekadventure #adventurenthusiasts #roamtheplanet #neverstopexploring #lifeofadventure #LiveToInspire #GeneralTire #GrabberX3 #AnywhereIsPossible #ShareTheAdventure #ExtremeLights #LightUpYourAdventures #TeamHilux #ToyotaTrucks #Hilux #Toyota #YotaMafia #Snowventures #4×4 #actiongeared A post shared by Craig Muller (@backyard_adventures_sa) on Sep 11, 2018 at 4:27am PDT There’s not much we can say here. WOW! Craig wins himself a fantastic camping gear hamper from Ironman 4×4. We’re sure he’ll put it to good use on his next trip. Check out some of the other entries we received. Remember, all entries are

In a survival situation, there are many plants which can be used for medicinal purposes. The key is not only being able to correctly identify the plant, but knowing exactly how to extract those components which give it its medicinal properties. Fortunately, the methods which we use to prepare them can easily be carried out in the bush. Many modern drugs that we pick up from the pharmacist were originally derived from plants. In fact, hundreds of plants have been identified as having medicinal properties, and there could be thousands more; so, when it comes to medicinal properties, we are

Having been privileged enough to spend time with these majestic animals, I can certainly concur with Mitch Reardon’s view that there is indeed something extraordinary about elephants. “There is nothing that reduces us to our proper dimensions more rapidly and completely than spending long periods in the company of elephants. There is something special about them…” Mitch Reardon, Shaping Kruger It is difficult to pinpoint, but perhaps their clear family bonds, the way in which they look after their young and infirm, and the complexity of their communication may go some way to explaining it. Elephant behaviour is multi-faceted, comprising

In the manufacturing process, the tread compound is possibly the most variable, gets a lot of attention from the compound scientists, and is fine-tuned to the application of the product. Mud- and all-terrain tyres that deliver excellent traction, for example, cannot be expected to deliver the tread mileage of a tyre engineered to operate only on paved surfaces.  The tread is just one of the 7-11 compounds that make up a tyre, with each one applicable to a specific task − from holding together the various layers of nylon and polyester, to encasing the bead wires, or ensuring that the

Whether you’re a weekend camper, holiday adventurer or hard-core overlander who stays out for months at a time, your sleeping solutions will vary widely. Ground tents, roof-top tents or interior sleeping accommodations all have their pros and cons. In this column, we discuss some of the issues faced by campers and how to deal with them. Interior camping I remember a horrific story my father told of a French family that he knew who were camping in Zaire (now the DRC) on a Cape to Europe trip. The parents slept in a roof-top tent, and the two kids below in

Congratulations to our seventh #SA4x4OverlandImages Instagram competition winner, Jean de Villiers! His stunning desert landscape image would be a worthy winner in any month. Just look at those tones! Do you have a magic shot in your photo collection that captures the essence of overland travel? SA4x4 is keen to promote adventure travel the world over, and to share those amazing memories with all our readers. Trawl your image banks and share those moments in time on SA4x4’s Facebook or Instagram pages, along with your name and a short description of what you are seeing and where. Action, wildlife, landscapes –

Coined in 1854, the term ‘Ethology’ refers to the study of the way in which an animal’s habits (its behaviour) are related to its structure and habitat. It is important to note that there is no such thing as typical behaviour, because the typical animal is a mythical beast! However, patterns can be observed, hypotheses devised and tested, and a working interpretation of what an animal is doing obtained. This data can then be extrapolated, to create an accepted ‘normal’ behavioural model for that species. Without doubt, every person who visits a game reserve hopes to spot an African lion

Some time back, I wrote an article on how to respond to an encounter with an animal while in the bush. Of course, not all encounters are on foot, and a good number of accidents are caused by hitting an animal while you are driving – particularly at night. That’s one of the reasons that we fit a bull bar, and fender-protectors over the wheel arches. Even at relatively slow speeds, an impact with an animal can prove costly, or even potentially life-threatening for the vehicle occupants. It is often thought that most accidents are caused either by running head-on

We’ve all been there, looking at piles of ‘vital’ items and realising that they’ll never all fit in at the same time. Perhaps you’ve even had massive, heated arguments with your spouse because of their inability to compute the difference between the space available and what they insist must fit in. Or perhaps it is you who are the gadget freak, and who can’t leave without two of everything in case one of them breaks on the road. On our recent trip to Malawi (elsewhere in this issue) the packing problem quickly went from annoyance, to frustration, to forcing us

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