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Safari 4×4 Snorkel



Safari Centre Cape Town are the sole importers and distributors of the Safari Snorkel and other Safari 4×4 products in Southern Africa.

The Safari Snorkel is an essential addition for serious off-road enthusiasts to prolong the life of their vehicle’s power plant. The Safari Snorkel is an elevated air intake system that safeguards the engine’s air intake from dust, water, and other potential hazards that are commonly encountered during off-road expeditions.

6 Key features and advantages of the Safari Snorkel:

1. Improved air quality: By positioning the air intake higher above ground level, the Safari Snorkel reduces the risk of ingesting contaminants. This is particularly crucial when navigating through dusty or waterlogged terrains.

2. Enhanced water fording capability: The snorkel allows the vehicle to wade through deeper water crossings without risking damage to the engine. It ensures a constant supply of clean, dry air even when the vehicle is partially submerged.

3. Optimised engine performance: By providing a consistent flow of clean air, the Safari Snorkel helps maintain peak engine performance, enabling powerful acceleration and sustained power output.

4. Straightforward installation: The Safari Snorkel is specifically designed to fit particular vehicle models, ensuring a straightforward installation process. It typically integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s existing air intake system.

5. Durable construction: Safari 4×4 Engineering uses robust materials like UV-stabilised polyethylene for the snorkel body, ensuring it can withstand harsh environmental conditions and resist degradation over time.

6. Extended service life: These filters are engineered for longevity, capable of withstanding the rigours of off-road driving, which reduces the frequency of replacements and contributes to long-term cost savings.

Get your Safari Snorkel products at Safari Centre Cape Town and experience the best in 4×4 snorkels!

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