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Suzuki Jimny Snorkel breathes life into your rig!



Snorkels are commonly the first accessory fitted to any 4×4 with good reason. Aside from giving your 4×4 added aesthetic appeal, the benefits of a snorkel on a 4×4 are numerous, on and off-road!

Moving the engines air intake from beneath your bonnet to roof height protects your vehicle from water entering the engine during river crossing rivers and water hazards. The higher air intake position of the snorkel dramatically reduces dust clogging your air filter. Whether on road or off road, a higher position of the snorkel will offer improved engine efficiency by drawing in cooler, cleaner air.

Air that is typically drawn in around the engine bay is often hot and contains dust and other contaminants that are detrimental to premium engine performance. Fitting a snorkel often means improved engine performance.

A snorkel also reduces the intake of dust and water entering your engine which translates to improved fuel consumption and less strain on the air filters which remain cleaner for much longer. With this improved performance and reduced contamination, there is less wear and tear on the engine and consequently, less maintenance.

Even if you’re not charging through raging river crossings or difficult water hazards, adding a snorkel will still help improve overall performance and offer improved fuel consumption.

To enquire about adding a Suzuki Jimny snorkel to your ‘rad rig’, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a member of the Opposite Lock team will get hold of you regarding pricing, fitment and delivery.  

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