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I’m sorely embarrassed to say that, since having bought my new-to-me ’96 Disco last month, I hadn’t aimed it at any serious off-road obstacles. As cool as I thought I was when driving over kerbs at the mall, I needed to drive through some scratchy bushes in an attempt to scrape away some of the British Racing Green paint-job. Having thoroughly explored most of the Cederberg’s 4×4 trails, I thought we’d covered the area, but Boegoeberg had somehow escaped my radar. The 4×4 Trails Situated on the upper eastern side of the Cederberg, or ‘Engelsman se Berg’, the working farm

Bucklands is about 47 km from the pleasant Karoo town of Steytlerville. If you are looking for “a road less travelled” this is it! Early pioneers and hunters who came up from the Cape in their wagons frequented this historical region, which forms the southern reaches of the Plains of Camdeboo. They came in search of a new life and “white gold” – ivory. They established farms in the valley flanked by the Baviaans and Grootrivier Hoogte that you can visit today. The climate is typically Karoo – dry and healthy with hot days and cold nights. Bucklands is a

Located just outside the picturesque little farming town of Bot River, the Honingklip trail is a paradise for any nature lover, and especially for one driving a 4×4. As it traverses part of the majestic Kogelberg mountain complex, the picturesque trail offers everything from brutal axletwisting mayhem to leisurely exploration. Set in and around the Ruwami Nature Reserve, the trail offers eagle-eye views of the lush valley and ocean far below. The main trail stretches over about 28km of intersecting tracks, and explores the top of the mountain’s large plateau at its furthest reaches. It’s generally a leisurely drive with

Like Sani Pass in Lesotho, or the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park further west, Baviaanskloof is somewhat of a rite of passage for any South African 4×4 enthusiast. The protected nature reserve is home to one of South Africa’s most diverse biomes of flora and fauna, thanks to rivers that flow year-round, and large altitude changes. But if – like us and many more overlanding locals – you’ve been through the Baviaans main drag and are in search of a new adventure in this spectacular part of the hidden country, then there is an alternative. Enter Doringkloof 4×4. Words & Pictures by

Back in 2012, while on a quest to drive the eight passes of the Eastern Cape, SA4x4 was warned off trying to tackle the Baster Voetpad which links the Barkly Pass to Ugie. Locals felt that the BMW X6 we were driving at the time would not make the arduous, 35km-long mountainous route. As we don’t like to leave loose ends, it has been our goal to return and complete what was started; and General Motors recently stepped up to the plate and offered the spanking new Chevrolet Trailblazer Z71 4×4 AT for the trip. Sporting a new face, upgraded

Rushing to get things done is never good, and when our freelance journo in KZN was minus a vehicle to do a trail review, the task was dumped on my desk. “Find somewhere beautiful you’ve never been to before, and have fun.” That was my brief. Yeah. Life is tough. I have been burned before, though − driven hundreds of kilometres, only to find a place that’s no more than a few gravel roads masquerading as a 4×4 destination, or one somewhere with terrible accommodation. This time, though, luck was on my side: after five or six phone calls, I

When it comes to strong vehicles, nothing really compares to a Nissan Patrol; so, when one such brute gargled up into our driveway two years back, twin tanks full, I needed a place to test it properly. The obvious nearby 4×4 trails surrounding Cape Town came to mind, but a seemingly overlooked spot between Touwsrivier and Montagu cropped up on my mud hunt – Wagon Wheel 4×4, or Karoo Adventures, as it’s also known.Words Andrew Middelton Upon my arrival, the rain had turned to ice, sheeting down like gravel dumped from a plane and easily defeating the Patrol’s feeble wipers.

Wanting to follow in the footsteps of adventurers past is an often-used excuse for modern explorers to leave the house. And when you consider the Ox Wagon Trail, its name alone conjures up the spirit of adventure.Words & Images Andrew Middleton & Kayla Cloete Historically in use by westerners since the 1600s, and before that by elephants and Khoi San people, the route is of important historical and ecological significance to the Attaquaskloof and Outeniqua regions. The Trail itself stretches around 450km, and follows exactly the same path that trekboere, hunters, traders and military personnel used for centuries. Had the

Words Stephen Smith, Images David Van Den Bergh & Stephen Smith Scroll down to watch the video. A buffalo lumbers out of the mist. It’s a muted spectre emerging just metres in front of us, crossing the road and fading away again within seconds, disappearing with that typical, slow motion gallop of the species. Its muted hoof-steps fade away quickly; the whole episode surreal and fleeting. We’re somewhere in Somkhanda Game Reserve. Exactly where is hard to say, because, although we aren’t lost, we also don’t know where we are or where we’re headed. The mist doesn’t help matters. But

With the kids chewing gum wiped all over your leather, and ‘are we there yet’ ringing in from the back seat, you know you need a break, but where? Your wagon is full of kit and there’s a long road ahead but you’re keen on some adventure and respite from the noise. Touwsberg certainly offers the latter, but what about the former – adventure? Well, on a recent trip deeper into the Karoo, we stopped in to check it out. Located just off Route 62, past ‘Ronnie’s Sex Shop’ between Barrydale and Ladismith, and four hours out of Cape Town,

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